We appreciate your support!

We are trained, qualified, experienced and insured gleaning coordinators who have been running gleans with groups of volunteers since 2021. We are happy to harvest, sort through or just collect any produce and suitable goods that can not be sold or are surplus to requirement.

“The gleaners are amazing, tidy and easy to deal with. We’ve never had any bother.” – David Thomas, Riviera Produce


We are always wanting to speak to more farmers and food producers to add to our offer to the food banks, community larders and community kitchens we supply to for free. We ensure all produce is going to people in need.


Our teams have been in the fields harvesting veg for years now and during this time we have learnt a lot, seen the struggle of farmers and are very sympathetic to the adverse situations currently facing the farming community. We are therefore especially grateful and respectful to all the farmers and producers who kindly take the time and allow us to Glean their fields.
Your surplus and outgrade crops can make a massive difference. Last year alone we salvaged nearly 80+ tonnes of produce. 

With farmers' support, we help feed over 10,000 per week

Sadly, there is a lot of hidden poverty in Cornwall. The escalating cost of living has seen demand for food support rising. In 2022 we assisted over 6,000 people with nutritious produce that they would have otherwise gone without. Sadly, need has risen dramatically and it is now estimated that as many as 12,000 people are in need of support each week.

We’re not fussy if it’s big, small, wonky or tall

We are grateful for any produce farmers or food processors are able to offer us, from standing veg in the field to grade outs. Our experienced teams cover everything from harvesting to distribution, we ask nothing of our farmers and producers, just the location of the field.

100+ organisations in our network

With Gleaning Cornwall now regularly donating produce to over 100 charities and organisations feeding people in need. Our network stretches throughout the county as well as demand coming from over the border into Devon, we offer free fresh produce to organisations that feed those in need.

Health and Safety

We are fully insured, including public liability insurance. health and hygiene certification and first aid training to ensure a happy and safe glean.

Thanks to producers like you, our experienced teams have enjoyed working safely in farmyards, packing sheds, fields and on food processing units across our beautiful county.



Rose-in-Vale Farm

“I am more than happy to offer produce to the gleaners, if it otherwise be wasted, especially as it’ll be utilised by those who really need it.”

David Wallace

Brew Farm

“It’s a shame to plough under perfectly good veg, when it could be made use of. So I am happy to help.”

Adrian Semmens

Soul Farm

“I really don’t like food going to waste and the gleaners are good to work with”

Ian Brydon

Riviera Produce

“The Gleaners are amazing, they are tidy and never cause us any trouble. It’s great that they can make use of the outgrades and surplus – there’s nothing wrong with it – and help people at the same time.”

David Thomas (Head Grower Riviera Produce) 

Tregonan Farm

”The gleaners are lovely to deal with. On the three times I’ve met with them they have been happy, smiley and grateful for our produce. What I really like is that they have reinvented a traditional practice that has been largely forgotten but have remodelled it to fit our modern world. I am saddened that there is a need for them to exist but am really happy to help whenever I can. The produce they gleaned has been either waste or of low value and so I have not been out of pocket. Apparently, they always need potatoes and their visits have really cheered me up.”

Reuben Collins