Can you help us to distribute much needed food?

Gleaning Cornwall’s network aims to reduce transport emissions. Not just for the food we distribute but other businesses also.
If you drive a regular route or if you know someone who does and they would be willing to occasionally add a few minutes extra onto their journey, please fill in or pass on this form.
This is specifically to help deliver food that would otherwise be thrown or ploughed back into the fields. Surplus food is created for many reasons and here in Cornwall we have people with malnutrition.
At the bottom of the form however, there is a section to add your details if you are interested in getting involved with an even bigger network. This could potentially get funding and be an organisation that effectively reduces our transport emissions. There may be something similar already but I haven’t heard of anything. Have you got time to throw at this? I wonder if Exeter Uni’s sustainable team want to get involved… Sadly I don’t and must keep focused on Gleaning and Regen food and farming.
I hope this link works. If you don’t like and / or have Google for the form, please message me and I’ll get your details.

Car / Van delivery support – Cornwall